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Finish Hair Luminous 4 Forces

Finish Hair Luminous is a finisher, thermal protector and tinter, developed with high technology assets and has in its formula revealed pigments extracted from the nature. In addition to protecting the wires from damage caused by dryer and flat iron, it also conditions and normalizes the PH of the wires. No need to rinse. It has in its formula advanced technology that provides, regardless of the amount to be applied, minimum weight on the hair, brings softness, silkiness and shine to the hair .

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Robson Peluquero has always appreciated the quality of its products since he knows that the result should always be satisfactory. Robson developed the NUANCES product of the RP line, bringing a great newness to the cosmetics market as the first company in the world to develop the shade mask green. Robson Peluquero has excelled in social networks and media in general by the differential of its services and the quality of its RP products. His Facebook has 1.5million organic followers, and an increasing number of people and professionals who enjoy the work of this great professional. The RP brand is already available throughout Brazil, United States and is now available in Scandinavian !

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Each product in this collection represents conquest and improvement. It is living proof that dreams can come true. You will buy a product that is not just another product, but will significantly improve your hair health.

Pink Home Care

Unique and exclusive formula developed with nano technology and active nobles. 

Blue Home Care

It has in its formula already revealed pigments that neutralize the unwanted tones of discolored and blond wires.

Finish Hair Luminous

Thermal protector and toner and developed with high technology actives

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