Pink Home Care

Pink Home Care Shampoo
Unique and exclusive formula developed with nano technology and active nobles. It has Moroccan argan oil and a rich combination of amino acids. It has in its formula already revealed pigments that neutralize the unwanted tones of discolored and blond wires.

Pink Restorer Extreme Luminous Matting Mask
It was developed with high technology and a perfect performance to meet the need for blond and discolored wires. Unique formulation and noble active protein rich in silk and keratin. It has in its formulation already revealed pigments that neutralize the unwanted colors of the hair already clear.

Kit Contains:
1 Pink Home Care Shampoo 300ml
1 Pink Matting Mask 300ml

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How to use:
Apply a small amount of Pink Shampoo to the damp hair until they are 100% clean. If necessary repeat the operation. Apply the Pink Tint Mask all over the hair by wicking it until it reveals the desired tone. Rinse for 5 to 45 minutes with water only. Finalize as you wish.

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